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Amandine Colson


Deutsches Schiffartsmuseum

"Thanks to his very high understanding of Photogrammetry, Julien Guery developped for us a monitoring protocol for the Bremen Cog fitted to the needs and scientific issues of the conservation professional of the museum."



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Dr. Christian Degrigny

Lecturer, researcher

Haute Ecole Arc

"Julien Guery has this ability to make his knowledge understandable by end-users and to share his expertise with other colleagues within a multidisciplinary team. It is an essential skill in the Cultural Heritage field."



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Olivier Blin

Scientific manager


"More than a discovery, it was a meeting with a specialist, passionate, highly qualified and professional, scientific and inventive, who knows how to answer efficiently the needs and very specific requests of our domain, often in difficult and complex situations."


Raphaël Hautefort

Captair Company

Pr. Jean-Pierre Garcia


University of Burgundy

"In our company, he acquired solid competences in the field of photogrammetry. He carried out his work with dynamism and motivation and shared our values through numerous keynotes and conferences in France and abroad."





Full letter of recommendation

"I endorse with great confidence his project in the fields at the interface between Earth sciences, cultural heritage and new technologies for imagery. Autonomy, enthusiasm and creativity are some of the assets that characterize him. These qualities are associated with its interest for innovation..."


Full letter of recommendation

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